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Makeblock-Airblock Drone, Hexacopter,

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Produktinformationen "Makeblock-Airblock Drone, Hexacopter,"

Voraussichtlich wieder lieferbar ab 7. Mai 2017



The next generation starter drone

  • Use Visual Programming to Create Cool Aerial Stunts

  • Turns From Drone Into a Hovercraft

  • Build Easily with Magnets

  • Customize Your Drone’s Specs

  • Control It From Your iOS or Android Devices

  • Made With Durable Materials

Play in the Sky, on Land, or on Water

Airblock is not only a drone, but a hovercraft! Change from a drone to a hovercraft
with just a few simple modifications, and play on any terrain. You can control the Land and Sky!

Easily Code Aerial Stunts

Airblock uses simple visual programming, a programming language utilizing graphic elements rather than text. Through visual
programming, children and adults of all ages can create their own stunts easily! Do flips and turns, or simply create a flight path.

Build Easily With Magnets

By using magnetic connectors, building Airblock only takes seconds. The magnets
are strong enough to hold the product together has it flies or hovers in the 
air without the need of screws or buckles. Our goal was to minimize installation 
and hassle so you have more time to play!

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